Avoiding Holiday DUI: Tis the Season for Safe Driving Habits

Every year, car accidents increase all around the country during the holiday season. There is something about visiting relatives and enjoying festivities that makes people drink and drive, it seems. The police know about this increase in accidents as well, and will send out highway patrol officers en masse in an attempt to snag drunk drivers and land driving under the influence (DUI) arrests.

Reduce your chances of getting a DUI and getting into an accident with these smart tips:

  • Designated driver: The oldest trick in the book is still the best when it comes to avoiding driving drunk and risking your health and a DUI arrest. Before you get to your holiday party, assign someone as the designated driver. They should not be given even one drink that night.
  • Pull-out sofa: If your relatives have offered you a spot on the couch after the holiday get-together, you should definitely take it if you have been drinking. A pull-out sofa will be uncomfortable, but not nearly as bad as spending a night in a jail cell or hospital bed.
  • Ridesharing: Nearly all smartphone brands and carriers preinstall Uber or Lyft ridesharing apps. When you have had too much to drink at your holiday party, use one of these ridesharing services, or just call a taxi, and get home without having to worry about red-and-blue lights in the rearview mirror.
  • One drink per hour: Keep in mind that most people metabolize one alcoholic drink per hour, such as one beer or one shot of liquor. For example, if you have had three drinks, you will need to wait at least three hours for your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level to drop again. When in doubt, do not drive. Never do anything that jeopardizes your own health or that of others.

Rhode Island DUI Defense Attorneys By Your Side

However, due to the preconception held by police that there will be more drunk drivers on the road, they can get overzealous and start making DUI arrests that are unjustified. If you get placed in cuffs for allegedly driving while intoxicated and you want to fight your charges, you should contact The Law Office of Thomas C. Thomasian, Esq. right away. Our Rhode Island DUI lawyers work quickly to save your license, protect your rights, and shut down the prosecution’s arguments with surgical precision. Call (401) 312-4385 to find out more about our criminal defense services.