Taking Care of Your Child after a DUI Arrest

Driving under the influence can be a negligent and dangerous act, that can result in thousands of deaths and countless injuries annually. However, those who are arrested and charged with a DUI are people as well – individuals with families, jobs, and lives. How does getting arrested for a DUI affect how you take care of your children?

The following are the possible family situations you may face after a DUI arrest:

  • Losing your license can disrupt your daily life. A DUI arrest can lead to your license being suspended for a specific amount of time, meaning you can’t drive your kids to school or go to the grocery store. It is imperative to seek help regarding child care and errands immediately. Depend heavily on your spouse or ask a relative for temporary extra help.
  • Use this situation as a teaching example. When you speak with you children about your DUI, explain that adults make bad judgements, and those decisions can have dire consequences. You don’t necessarily have to indulge in great detail or why it occurred.
  • Avoid letting the frustration of the DUI process affect your parenting and relationships. Process your feelings of stress, anger, and helplessness in a safe manner without taking them out on your kids or loved ones. Rely on your support system, or even your attorney, to get help and empower yourself.

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