• Tom was great!
    Tom was great, he made sure I knew what to expect at all times. He was always straight foward and continued to reassure me thoughtout the court process, he made a very stressful situation as smooth as possible! Would 150% recommend him to anyone in need of a great lawyer!

    - Britney

  • Utmost professionalism and results.
    Tom’s work on my behalf was invaluable and I am very grateful for his help and services. When I first met with Tom during our consultation, he was extremely informative, professional and reassuring. He also proved to be prescient, as the process of my situation unfolded exactly as he had told me it would. Tom was easily accessible and available for follow up and/or any questions that arose. He was able to secure great results to resolve my situation. In short, Tom was excellent! I’m lucky and grateful for the services and results!

    - Edward

  • Easily one of the best lawyers to work with!
    Tom was exceptional to work with, he exceeded all my expectations. He was always on time and returned my calls or messages fast! He was highly knowledgeable about the law and all the dealings and procedures of my case and all the other questions that I had for him. I highly recommend using Tom for all your legal needs. I hope to never have any legal issues again but in the case I do, I know I have a lawyer I can trust and I wouldn't go to anyone else!

    - Kevin

  • An attorney that gives you peace of mind.
    Couldn't have asked for a better team of lawyers for my son's case. The end result was the best possible outcome thanks to the professionalism and dedication of both Tom & Jamie. Very responsive to any questions we had along the way and highly respected among his peers in the courtroom. He's the best criminal defense attorney that I hope to never have to hire again! :)

    - Joanna

  • Tom was also available whenever I needed him.
    Tom was professional and was able to handle my case with ease; He is very knowledgeable about the process and it went just as he described it, the overall outcome was better than expected. I would recommend him for any future matters. Tom was also available whenever I needed him.

    - Sean

  • The BEST Attorney!!!
    I had an incident happen to me & I found Tom just by accident....He was there for me from start to finish....Can't say enough about this guy...if you are EVER in a legal situation....You will come out a better person. I have !!

    - Patti

  • Fabulous Criminal Lawyer
    Undeniably the most accomplished Criminal Lawayer in RI and possibly all of N.E. At your darkest hour, you want Mr. Thomasian representing you in a court of law. His superior professional demeanor and wealth of knowledge makes you feel confident and relaxed, regardless if you are the adult or the teen. During our very difficult case ( possible 30 year jail sentence, reduced to community service)he made himself available to us 24/7. He calls you back promptly, no sitting around for hours feeling nervous. He appears to be highly respected by his peers. Do not let the baby face deceive you, Mr. Thomasian is a Criminal lawyer who is a highly intelligent , motivated, caring and helpful. You will be so grateful to have chosen Mr. Thomasian. I cannot thank him enough nor find the right words to let you know what a wonderful lawyer he is.

    - Adriana

  • Great Attorney!
    Mr. Thomasian knows what he is doing. Very Professional and courteous. Anyone that needs help with legal issues should contact him. Highly Recommend!

    - Z

  • Put My Mind at Ease!
    If your looking here I know the feeling. I'm 57 never been in any trouble to speak of and Tom made me feel like we were both going through this together. Highly recommend.

    - Michael S.

  • Professional Help
    I give him 5 star for being on top of my case, I could of never got my case dismiss without his professional help. I am honest to say that if any one is looking for a criminal lawyer Thomas Thomasian is the guy.

    - sroeun case

  • Attorney Thomasian is the Best!
    With everything happening so fast and not knowing what to do we google best Attorney in RI and Thomas Thomasian name came up. I wrote in for consultation and Attorney Thomsian call within 5 minutes of us hitting send. You won't go wrong he delivers what he promises....Thank you again Thomas!

    - KG

  • Compassionate Man and Awesome Lawyer!
    I could not be happier with the Legal Services of Tom Thomasian. Tom returned my call within minutes, quickly assuring me he could help me get an unfortunate matter handled. Extremely professional and compassionate lawyer – Instantly reassuring and helpful! He was able to represent me before the judge, and thru his knowledge of and connections in the court systems, helped clear my name. Truly grateful for everything that Tom did for me…Thanks Tom for a job well done!

    - Jeff H.

  • Great attorney!
    Tom was extremely professional and always available to answer any and all questions that I had regarding my case. I would highly recommend him to any person in the area who may need representation!

    - Jennifer

  • Thomas stands by the truth and his clients!
    Thomas was so thorough and supported me through the entire process. He was always available by text or email. He went before the judge on my behalf when it wasn't necessary for me to incur further costs and time to travel to RI. Hopefully I won't need an attorney again, but there is no doubt who I would contact immediately! The world needs more Thomas Thomasian's in the world!! Thanks from the bottom of my heart. Can't thank him enough for all he did to defend me, and get everything dropped and expunged.

    - Cheryl Barnhill

  • Well respected, highly recommended
    Going through a tough time in my life lead me to make poor decisions, that I would normally never make. In need of legal help, I contacted a friend of mine who works for the justice system in RI. They highly recommended to me that I contact Thomas Thomasian. Tom called me right away. I was an anxious wreck after the predicament I had gotten myself into but Tom assured me everything would be ok and did his best to ease my worried mind. Tom communicated promptly every time I had questions or needed to reach out for support. The steps he recommended I take prior to my first court date and his confidence in the court room ultimately helped get my case dismissed by the second court date (both of which we flew through). I'm forever grateful that my friend recommended Tom to me. It is clear as day that when Thomas walks into the court that he is respected by his peers and colleagues. He is a very professional, hard working impressive attorney that I can also now recommend. Call Thomasian Law!

    - tor

  • Tom is by far the best criminal lawyer in the state maybe the country!
    Tom is always responsive to your questions. He works very hard for his clients. You never give up hope when he is on your side. He gave me son's life back to him. Case dismissed!

    - Angela A

  • Very Patient and Responded Quickly
    Tom is a great lawyer, we are so pleased with his outstanding response . When I I had to choose a lawyer to help my son out , I thought who will be able to help us , because this was completely new to me , well with that, I searched up lawyers in Rhode Island and Tom was the first face I saw and started to read what he would be able to assist us and he was exactly what I needed to help my son get out of the mess he was in , with misunderstanding. So I quickly write to him with my case and he got back to me In minutes. Tom called me , and I explained my case to him and from then on I knew he could help my son, he took the time to talk to my son , took the time to talk to my nephew via phone because we live in Long Island NY and weren't able to meet him because of distance but was able to take care of it over text and phone calls. He was very patient and responded quickly , the day my son had court, was the first day we met him and it was a great outcome , thank you so much for your amazing work Tom got our case dismissed. He is highly recommended 👌 To anyone that needs a criminal lawyer.

    - Maria

  • Highly Recommend
    Due to an unfortunate situation my boyfriend and I had to obtain a lawyer. We actually picked one from the reviews that we read! They were 100% accurate! Tom was very helpful, trustworthy and knowledgeable in every aspect. He was quick to respond to phone calls, texts, and emails! I highly recommend him for anyone that needs a criminal lawyer. He got our case dismissed! We will definitely use him again!! (hopefully we don't need to)

    - Melissa DiSano

  • I'm proud to say that Thomas Thomasian is my attorney.
    On Xmas eve of 2015, I started looking for an attorney to help me with the charges that I found myself facing. My situation seemed grim, and I had little hope that the outcome would be anything less than just that. After doing a search for a local attorney who specializes in the field of DUI's, I decided to contact Thomas via his "Request a free case evaluation" form on his website. To be honest, I wasn't confident that I would even get a response, since my case seemed small in comparison to other criminal cases, but after reading actual client reviews and seeing all his accolades and achievements, I knew he was the best choice for me, and I had to at least try. Much to my surprise, he called me within hours. (Yes, HE called, not his secretary or other office personnel). After speaking with Thomas I was confident that I had made the right choice by reaching out to him. We met the next day and he agreed to handle my case and assured me that everything was going to be ok. He also said, "Karen, you will never have to go through any of this alone. I will be with you every step of the way". Well, he not only kept his promise, but it is now only a little over a month and I am driving again and have my freedom back! I cannot thank him enough. He worked hard to keep MY best interests at the forefront. In addition, he was always respectful, sincerely understanding and patient. After having gone through the court system, it is now obvious why his peers and other colleagues also respect him. He treats everyone the same way. I have no regrets and I'm proud to say that Thomas Thomasian is my attorney.

    - Karen

  • Excellent
    Mr. Thomasian is truly one of the best lawyers I have come across in the state of Rhode Island. He's great a what he does, excellent communicator , outstanding in the courtroom and he knows what needs to get done. I thank you Tom for helping me get out of the jam I got myself in and definitely recommend him to anyone in need of an outstanding criminal defense lawyer. Don't hesitate to reach out to him you won't be disappointed!

    - J. A. Rubio

  • Amazing attorney
    Tom was absolutely amazing to work with during my entire process. Very easy to work with and is very honest with you. I couldn't have asked for a better attorney. Thank you Tom!

    - Very helpful

  • Excellant Job
    Thomas did an excellent job. I recommend him. I don't know what I would have done without his expertise.

    - Brian Gault

  • Absolutely and completely satisfied!
    Due to an unfortunate incident my wife ended up being charged with two Misdemeanors. Domestic-Simple Assault and Domestic- Disorderly Conduct. All of this was very traumatic for both of us, and totally new. We went through the arraignment process without a lawyer and then were referred to the Public Defenders Office. My wife was told she would probably not qualify so she asked for a referral. They gave us Attorney Thomas Thomasian's phone number. We we got home I looked online and he seemed highly qualified so I called. I spoke with his secretary and she took my info and said he would call back. He called back in less than 5 minutes and arranged a meeting at his office 4 hours later. That was unbelievable service. Like I said earlier we were very upset and nervous about this whole thing. After meeting with Tom we were so much more relieved and calm. He said he knew the Prosecutor and would speak with her, and saw no reason why he couldn't get the case dismissed. He took care of everything! He called us the night before her court date to tell us he had good news and not to worry about anything. Well he was right. My wife stood up before the Judge with him and he had the case dismissed in seconds!!! Court starts at 9:00 AM and we were done and in our car by 9:30 AM. We are extremely sorry all this took place, but we are Very Happy we called Attorney Tom Thomasian. The guy is Great and I would highly recommend him. Thank you so much!

    - Austin L

  • Rhode Island's Best Criminal Defense Attorney
    Thomas is hands down THE best criminal defense attorney in Rhode Island. He's respected among police and judges, knows the law inside and out, and cares deeply about treating his clients with respect. When a police officer heard Thomasian was my lawyer, he said "Oh, you've got Tommy as your lawyer!? You're in good hands. He'll take care of you." Judges have called him a "brilliant attorney." When he sensed I was stressing out about my case, he called me personally and assured me everything would be okay. I met with four lawyers before my case: one was manipulative; another was unfamiliar with criminal law (Thomasian immediately saw that the police mischarged me on TWO counts - other lawyers didn't notice), or simply lacked confidence (Thomasian is like a rock - unshakable). Now, two months later, all charges were dropped, and I couldn't be happier that I went with Thomasian. He's a great lawyer, and charges a fair price for the work he does. If he takes your case, you're in good hands.

    - Mark Talenfeld

  • Tom Thomasian is an amazing lawyer and a great person!
    I cannot stress enough the caliber of excellence of Tom Thomasian. I made a mistake that I needed legal assistance for. I found Tom in a Google search and read his reviews. I made the decision to email his office. It was a Sunday.....I HEARD FROM HIM WITHIN ONE HOUR. Although I continued (and still continue) to beat myself up for what I had done, Tom was calm, supportive, professional and did his best to make me feel at ease. Although I felt like I was a disaster, catastrophe, loser-all of the above, Tom never made me feel like that. I would recommend him a million times over because he is the person you want in your corner. Ultimately, my case is being dismissed-something that would not likely have happened had I not had the good sense to contact Tom. Thank you Tom-you are a true God send

    - Grateful Client

  • Mr. Tomasian IS THE BEST
    I cannot say enough about Mr. Tomasian! He saved my life, not once, not twice...3 times! Twice in court and once having my record exponged! I found Mr. Tomasian by chance! I am so grateful I did! He is caring, honest, professional and your friend! He isn't just another attorney who wants your money! He is there anytime you need him or have a question, or just to talk to you if your nervous! I had the most positive experiences with Mr. Tomasian! I would recommend him to anyone without thinking twice...again he saved my life, my name and dignity! I can never repay him for what he has done for me! Thank you...for the bottom of my heart! You truly are the meaning of a "LIFE SAVER"

    - Jessica Rezendes

  • Great Attoney
    Mr. Thomasian had done the job professionally, solved my problems, and I am free to go without saying any words in court from the first day of the trial to the day the case has done. He told me the case dismissed, you can go home, I went home while he still in court to finish paper works for me. Excellent lawyer. Thanks Tom

    - K. Nguyen

  • Great Lawyer
    He made a bad situation go away completely and was always available to talk.

    - Stephen L

  • Great Experience for a Bad Situation!
    Tom was attentive to all of my questions and concerns via text and email whenever I had a question at any time. He really helped make the process much easier for me by being so positive in the situation I was in. I couldn't have asked for a better person to walk me through this! Thanks again for everything !!

    - Jess d

  • Highly recommended!
    We had an excellent resolution to our case: all charges dropped. In addition, Mr. Thomasian really set our minds at ease throughout the process, and communicated everything to us clearly. We highly recommend him.

    - Jim

  • Look no further Tom's the man....
    I was very happy with my Attorney Thomas Thomasian. From my first phone call Tom explained all that was going to happen and why. He made me feel at ease from the first start. Tom is very confident in the court room and is very well respected. Most of all...when calling Tom there was no going through multiple channels. Tom picks up the phone and when I texted he was right there texting back no matter what time of day.. even weekends. Thanks for all your work Tom. Regards Joe Siepietowski

    - Joe Siepietowski

  • 10 stars for this lawyer...Tom exceeds expectations
    I was in a situation where not only myself was affected but also my family and loved ones. I spoke with Thomas Thomasian and instantly I was put more at ease in my uncomfortable situation that I had no education on how to deal with legally. Tom shows he cares right after you meet him and his experience and education is worth its weight in gold. If you want to feel comfortable with someone that treats you like a human being no matter what situation you are in, call Thomas Thomasian for your lawyer. He will exceed your expectations on being a respected lawyer and a great human being. Thank you Tom for all you have done for my family and I.

    - Satisfied Client

    I have never been in trouble before and was terrified. I was given Tom's name and number by my cousin who is also an attorney in RI. Of the many lawyers she knows, she recommended Tom. The best advice EVER! Tom is a very knowledgeable lawyer who is well respected and impressive to watch. I immediately felt comfortable and I knew I was in good hands. You can get in touch with him anytime if you need to. I called him once on the weekend because I was feeling uneasy and he made my stress go away. Court proceedings went quickly and I was sent on my way with amazing results. A truly amazing attorney. Thank you Tom!

    - Deb M.

  • Great Lawyer! Thank You!
    It was a great relief to have a lawyer who truly went to bat for me every step of the way. Thanks for the help Tom, I truly appreciate it.

    - Frank

  • Very good
    I had an excellent experience working with Tom. Would highly recommend him to anyone.

    - Gordon

  • Quick and Painless, Had My Back
    Amazing Lawyer, ON time and all around stand up guy. He explained everything so I knew what I could expect when I walked into the Courtroom. He explained my options, so I could pick what was best for me. Like i said... Stand up Guy! Thanks!

    - Scott R.

  • Great Lawyer
    Tom was great! He kept in communication with me and made me feel confident that my case will be taking care of, and did just that.

    - Deya C.

  • Thanks, forever grateful.
    When you are in a silently escalating DV situation and you become the wrongly accused perpetrator after going almost 40 years of your life never once being in trouble - or even nearly thought of as someone who could be capable of being a criminal - you just want to close the doors on the painful experience and never look back. I called lots of attorneys in the Providence area before I called Tom. It took me less than 3 minutes on the phone with him to know he was the guy I needed to work with. I could not nearly afford this in any way - and my money needed to be used wisely. He was the only attorney who, after patiently hearing my entire situation, said "it's going to be okay, I am going to help you." And he did; with a lot of respect from the prosecution and really a fair amount of supportive communication that reminded me none of what happened was necessarily fair (and was now over for good with a simple dismissal) nor should, could or would it be a reflection of who I really am. Don't second guess or keep looking for someone else to help you, if you are here reading this just make the call and feel good about someone working with you who will do a great job at it.

    - JoieR

  • "I love this company!"
    My attorney Thomasian was such a wonderful help. He has gotten me out of jail and had charges dropped for me in time. I couldn't have asked for a better lawyer!

    - Jesiah Richet

  • We will be forever grateful!
    When Paul was recently charged with a felony and two misdemeanors (which we felt were totally unfair charges,) we were at a total loss as to where to turn for the necessary expert legal help. We found it in Tom Thomasian who gave us his immediate attention and assurance that he would do all in his power to help us. It is with great relief and gratitude that I can report that his efforts on our behalf were successful and that the charges were dismissed. I consider us very fortunate to have found Tom, in our hour of need, and would recommend him very highly to anyone in need of thoughtful and expert legal assistance.

    - Calista & Paul

  • Wonderful Representation
    Attorney Thomasian was very professional with my defense and he put at ease right away. He explained everthing throroughly so I knew exactly what I could expect when I walked into the Courtroom and he explained all my options in detail so I could pick what was best for me. I give him my highest recommendation.

    - Tanya L.

  • "Thomas Thomasian #1 Lawyer"
    Mr. Thomas Thomasian was best lawyer I could have asked for. He was very understanding with my case, with a professional and positive outlook. He made me feel comfortable and informed with what was going on. My case was resolved in the matter of a few months and I couldn't be happier. Thank you Tom

    - Judy

  • Made me feel like a friend
    When I was charged with a domestic I knew i was going to need a lawyer. I visited three different lawyers before I sat down with Tom. Tom was the only one who said that he wanted to help me. He made me feel as though he could conquer my case and he wanted to see me get through it. I walked out of his office with confidence. Thanks to Tom i was able to get my no-contact order dropped before the trial and got back to my life sooner than expected and get my charges dropped. Tom is an excellent Lawyer who was always there to answer my stupid questions on the phone to calm my nerves. I definitely picked the right lawyer and I would recommend him to anybody!

    - Joel

  • I love the law office of Thomas Thomasion
    When I was calling around for a lawyer to look at my case, Thomas Thomasion called back quickly,set up an appointment, once I went to appointment he made me feel comfortable,listened to what I said and reviewed my case he then was straight forward saying I can win this case and he did win, thanks to him I have a clean record. I feel his fees was very reasonable, not to mention he did a remarkable job of winning my case. Thanks so much

    - Jean Y

  • Excellent company
    I highly recommend this company. They are very professional and helpful

    - Dasilva

  • Top notch representation!
    Tom Thomasian delivered everything he promised and more; the level of service he provided was outstanding! From my first frantic phone call in the middle of the night, to my very brief moment in court, when the charge was dismissed, Tom was there providing excellent advice and representation. Thank you again Tom!

    - Bob S

  • Highly Recommended
    Working with Tom helped me to feel at easy and confident in his ability to represent me. As a young adult I highly recommend Tom to anyone who is looking for representation. In our time working together, Tom was very clear about what needed to be accomplished in order to come to a successful outcome.

    - Robert

  • Tom Thomasian is the best!
    I am truly grateful for everything that Tom did for me. He explained the whole process to me and was able to put my mind at ease. I would recommend Tom to all my family and friends!! Thanks Tom!!

    - Katrina

  • "I love Attorney Thomas C. Thomasian"
    I was very pleased with Thomas his support and dedication were above and beyond what anyone would hope for. I was very happy and satisfied with the out come I highly recommend him to all my friends and family members. Thank you! Tom

    - Olga O.

  • Tom Thomasian was a lifesaver!
    Tom was a lifesaver. Not only was he my lawyer, but at times my therapist! I had never been in such a complicated situation before and I was emotional and confused. He made me feel completely at ease from the first moment that we spoke on the phone. Impressively, he answered every one of my texts or phone calls within ten minutes. He genuinely works around the clock. Tom was even kind enough to meet me near my job since it was difficult for me to get to his office. He was professional, listened intently and assured me that he could and would be able to help me. He was true to his word. I recommend him 100%!

    - Laura K

  • Tom Thomasian is the best and most professional lawyer in the state of RI
    I used Tom and two cases while on probation with time over my head. He is extremely respected ny prosecutors and judges. I was facing a year in jail and Tom got my charges dropped and now because of this I am no longer on probaton. Tom was there for me 24 hours a day 7 days a week and is the best at what he does. I would never not use Tom and anyone would be a fool not to use him.

    - Andrew R

  • Best choice
    Tom was amazing! He got my case dismissed quickly, and he handled everything perfectly. He's great to work with, very kind, personable and professional. He answered all of my silly questions, and was completely confident my case would be dismissed.

    - Lisa

  • Great job!
    A pleasure to work with! I would absolutely recommend him to others!

    - J coffey

    I was stuck with five questionable charges and feared the worst. But the moment I spoke with Tom I was instantly hopeful, and only felt better after our first meeting. Less than two months later, four of the five charges were dismissed and I received minimum punishment for the last one! Mr. Thomasian (and his associate Matt) are professional, courteous, and most importantly excellent at what they do. I am truly grateful and highly recommend them for any legal issue!

    - Adam C.


    - David Bates

    Looking for an attorney is never an easy thing to do. Now that I have met and worked with Tom, I will never go to another attorney. He was instrumental in assisting a friend of mine, who had been charged with reckless driving. Being convicted of that charge would have meant termination from his employment and loss of his livelihood. Tom made certain that neither of those things happened. He was available to us by telephone and text messaging, and it did not matter what time of day or night, and he was available 7 days per week. He even went to court for him on his day off to make sure that the Judge signed a disposition. He gave us peace of mind, and he was genuinely empathetic, and he cared about the outcome of this case and how it would affect his client. Tom is well respected in the legal community and that makes a tremendous difference when going before a Judge. His staff are courteous and informative, and instrumental in his practice. Tom demonstrates professionalism and knowledge, and he has demonstrated impeccable character every step of the way. When he tells you he will be there, you don't have to worry. He will be right by your side whenever needed.

    - Elizabeth

  • TREMENDOUS ATTORNEY!!!!!!!!????????????????????
    It is never easy to find people that you can trust, and I can't say enough about how professional and trusting Tom was during a difficult time. I knew from the moment I met him that he would live up to his word, and would be just a phone call or text message away. He maintained constant contact with me as needed, no matter the day or time. He was available on weekends, and even cancelled a day off to handle something at court for me. I would highly recommend him to everyone. He is professional, empathetic, and gets the job done. He is well respected in the court system and lefal community and can get the job done. A very special attorney who genuinely cares about his clients and what is important for them to continue to lead productive lives.

    - Beth

  • Professional, Prompt and Courteous!
    Tom was fantastic! Professional, prompt and understanding of my situation. Quick response and overall superb service. He answered the phone, returned messages promptly and answered any questions quickly. He made me feel at ease with my case and did a fantastic job. I would highly recommend anyone needing a lawyer to call Tom 100%. Thank you

    - EvaW

  • This company is great
    I highly recommend Tom, first time I ever needed a lawyer there was Tom. He even made sure I was done with court as soon as I walked in. Call Tom Thomasian today you'll regret you didn't call sooner.

    - Brady duran

  • "No need to worry when Tom Thomasian has your back."
    I am a young adult who was very unsure and nervous about of everything I needed to do in order to fix my mistake. Tom was very helpful, very reliable, and trust worthy. He is clearly a knowledgeable lawyer, and made me feel at ease during the whole process. I would recommend him to anyone who needs legal help.
  • Thomas Thomasian is the best there is and truly cares for his clients.
    I live out of state and when my brother got into trouble I needed to find a good lawyer that cares for his clients. After reading all of his review I decided to call attorney Thomas Thomasian. When I called him it was late in the evening and I was surprised at how fast he was able to return my call. He was able to answer all of our questions and made time to see us the very next day. He took the time to listen to our concerns and during the meeting I was sure that I was hired the right person for my brothers case. He was able to take on my brothers case that same day. He handled my brothers case very well and I couldn’t be any happier. Tom is very knowledgeable, professional, and truly cares about his clients. He always returns our call with in minutes and is on top of everything. I highly recommend Tom to anyone because he truly cares about his clients.

    - E. Suarez

  • Great Experience!!
    Tom is the best!!! I don't know what I would have done without him. He helped me through the entire process and got my case dismissed. I highly recommend Tom.

    - M S

  • Such a great amazing lawyer
    Tom is a great lawyer. He had helped me a lot with the case I was in, I don't think any lawyer is as good & responsible , works very hard on the job like he has & to be honest he gets back to me with every question I have no matter how busy he is within that same day, I thank him so much for what he did so far .

    - tanya v.

  • " A Hard working & excellent lawyer"
    Mr.Thomasian went above and beyond with his work on helping me. With that being said he's always working hard and never giving up to fight for my case. I would highly recommend him to whoever is in need of a good lawyer.

    - Tanya visinho

  • Empathetic Lawyer-Excellent Representation
    Tom Thomasian was representing me in court on the charge for Domestic Violence. Tom put me at ease from the moment we first spoke on the phone. He clearly explained my legal rights and addressed my concerns. He was an empathetic listener and I appreciated that very much being under so much stress. I was able to stick to my normal work routine in between the court dates because I knew Tom had my back and indeed he proved to be reliable. He was punctual, I felt very confident in his abilities to represent me in the courtroom. My case was dismissed and Tom had filed for expungement of the records. The motion was granted shortly after. I highly recommend him without any reservations. I will be using Tom's legal help in the future and will recommend him to my friends and family.

    - Anonymous

  • Very professional, prompt and reasonable.
    Highly recommend Tom. Very professional, prompt and reasonable. I live out of state and had never met him until the day of court. He did exactly what he promised and if he didn't answer my phone calls they were returned immediately! Thanks Tom! Much success to you!

    - Natalie B.

  • Tom is the best!
    Tom is the best!!! I don't know what I would have done without him. He helped me through the entire process and got my case dismissed. I highly recommend Tom.

    - Anonymous

  • So thankful I had Tom as a lawyer!!
    I would like to say that I would 100% recommend Tom as a lawyer. When I first met Tom I could really tell that he felt for what I was going through and from there on out I knew he really cared for his clients. Throughout this whole period of time he made me feel very comfortable and always kept me informed as to what was going on. Whenever I needed to ask him a question or talk to him he always answered his phone right away. He's a really great guy and awesome lawyer.

    - Anonymous

  • Great Experience!
    I would like to take a moment to recommend Thomas Thomasian. I have had the experience of meeting Thomas in a legal issue with Superior court of Rhode Island as Public Defender. As an engineer myself, I am Very methodical & logical. Thomas took the time to sit review my documents & evidence. I found him to be very understanding, excellent command of Rhode Island law. We argued pros & cons in our discussions and we came to an excellent agreement to proceed in court. As a result, judgment was in our favor. I can’t thank Tom enough to be a real person who actually gave the extra mile to help. I have no reservations to securing Tom in the future for legal assistance. Very Professional!

    - Paul

  • I thank God everyday for sending Tom to me!!!
    I am a. 40 year old, married, mother of three who lives in Narragansett. In Sept of 2012 an addiction to prescription medications combined with a moment of weakness almost destroyed my life!! My professional, social and family relationships in jeopardy, not to mention my freedom! I have never been so scared! Tom was assigned to represent me by the public defenders office. What I remember most about the first time I met Tom is the huge pile of client files in front of him. I approached and introduced myself and as he asked me to take a seat and informed me he would speak to me shortly, I panicked! I remember thinking " how can he possibly represent me with so many other clients?" I sat down as my eyes began to fill up with tears as I thought about losing everything! My family, my friends, my job. However, before a single tear could run down my cheek, I heard my name and looked up to see Tom standing over me and as he asked me to come speak with him a moment I felt some comfort. But when I left that little conference room outside the courtroom I knew everything was going to be okay. I still didnt know the outcome of my case, but I did know one thing, no matter what Tom was going to give me 100%. Up to this point my experience with attorneys was limited to personal (wills, adoption, etc.) and professional (real estate) reasons. Having now experienced the criminal court system, sitting in the courtroom watching many cases be heard and disposed, I thank God everyday for sending Tom my way. Over the 14 mos my case was in court I was able to observe that not only is Tom deeply respected by his clients, he is equally respected by his peers, court employees, and judges. I was being charged with 13 felonies by two police departments and almost definitely facing incarceration. In the end, the 13 felonies were amended to 2 misdemeanors, placed on unsupervised probation for a year, and my sentence was deferred. I can never adequately express my gratitude to Tom for all he did for me. I recently retained his services again for a family member and recommend him to anybody I know needs representation. If I was able to sit outside the courtroom and hand his business cards to each and every defendant, I would. Having now seen first hand how our judicial system works and witnessed first hand how other attorneys represent their clients, I count my blessings to have had Tom on my side. I think every defendant deserves the dedication and commitment Tom gives to each and every case.

    - Christen

  • Thomas Thomasian was a Blessing
    Our family feels blessed to have had Thomas Thomasian represent my son in a criminal case. He was so thorough and really made things clear for us to understand. Mr. Thomasian also exzudes true sincerity towards the case, which made us feel confident. The other thing thats sticks out in my mind , is how well liked he seems to be by his colleagues and Judges. Thats says alot about him I think. I would recommend him to anyone, and will.

    - Maria

  • Great Lawyer
    Attorney Tom Thomasian was professional and courteous at all times. He was available by phone every time I called him. I recommend Attorney Thomasian to anyone looking for an excellent criminal defense lawyer.

    - Tyree

  • Pleasure Working with Tom
    I have had the pleasure to work with Tom Thomasian on many different occasions. Tom is a committed individual who offers the community of Rhode Island an array of talent and expertise. Most recently, I had the pleasure in working with Tom when I was organizing a community fundraiser for an educational non-profit here in Providence, Rhode Island. His insight and his legal expertise assisted me in making sure the organization maximized their fundraising potential. I would highly recommend Tom to any legal firm or non-profit that is looking for a highly dedicated Board Member.

    - Charles I.