Top 5 Holiday Crimes

The holidays mean attending festive events, exchanging gifts, and spreading joy and cheer with family and friends. However, there are certain crimes that happen more often around this time of year.

The following are the five most common holiday crimes:

  • DUI – Celebrations during the holiday season typically include alcohol consumption. Starting from Thanksgiving Eve (commonly known as Black Wednesday) until New Year’s Day, there will be a significant increase of drunk driving arrests and accidents. That is why police departments throughout Rhode Island will increase their patrols and sobriety checkpoints to deter DUI.
  • Domestic violence – Alcohol consumption can also lead to increased tensions between family members at holiday gatherings, resulting in more domestic violence incidents. Police departments understand that likelihood of domestic violence incidents during this time of year.
  • Shoplifting – The pressures of the holidays may cause those with financial straits to steal their gifts to loved ones. Additionally, since stores will be busier than usual throughout the holidays, people assume it will be easier to get away with shoplifting. Yet, stores can detect and catch shoplifters by using security devices such as cameras and sensors.
  • Burglary– Many people take vacations to visit family in another state or country or to enjoy the holidays in an exotic and warmer location. Since homes will be unattended for weeks, burglars may decide to break into unoccupied homes. Furthermore, if a package is left on a porch, a person walking by could easily steal it.
  • Identity theft – Since online shopping has become more and more commonplace in today’s society, constantly putting in your credit card and personal information can make it easier for hackers to steal your identity.

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