How a DUI Can Affect Your Employment & Education

A DUI conviction in Rhode Island can result in jail time, probation, fines, driver’s license suspension, community service, and/or mandatory DUI school. However, there are a host of other consequences that can have a devasting impact on employment, education, and life opportunities.

The following are several ways a DUI conviction can ruin your life:

  • You could be fired from your job – Many companies have a mandatory firing policy—found in either the employment contract or handbook—that may state that any criminal conviction will result in job termination.
  • You could lose your professional license – If you hold a license due to your profession (e.g. commercial driver’s license, law license, teaching license, nursing license, or plumbing license), the agency who issued your license may require you to report any arrests or convictions, such as DUI. Depending on the agency, a DUI could result in the loss or suspension of your license.
  • You could experience difficulties getting a job – If you attempt to apply for a job, your conviction will appear on a prospective employer’s background check. Unfortunately, many employers believe a DUI conviction means you are irresponsible and a safety risk.
  • You could fail to enroll in college – Many colleges require prospective students to list any convictions on their application. While some schools may deny your application because of your DUI conviction, others may prioritize students with a clean criminal record before accepting those with convictions or arrests.
  • You could be suspended or expelled from college – If you are a student at a university, your school may have a policy that you must report any arrests or convictions to the administration within a certain time frame. Although failure to report an arrest can lead to a suspension, a conviction may automatically result in suspension or expulsion.
  • The criminal penalties can make life difficult – If your driver’s license is suspended, commuting to and from work or school can be an arduous and even costly task if you take the bus or taxi, or request a ride from an Uber and Lyft driver. Furthermore, court appearances, mandatory alcohol treatment, and even jail time could lead to missing work or classes. Excessive tardiness and absences can result in losing your job or getting expelled from school.

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