What Are the Penalties for Violating a No Contact Order?

A no contact order prohibits contact between an individual against whom an allegation of domestic violence has been made and the person who made the allegation. If a no contact order were to be filed against you, you would be prohibited from contacting the complainant directly or indirectly, including social media like Facebook or Twitter.

It is important to be in compliance with the no contact order. Doing so is not an admittance of guilt. However, violating the order is a crime that can incur some serious penalties, such as jail time, probation, and fines of up to $1,000. This crime can even be charged as a felony under certain circumstances, particularly if the defendant harmed the victim, resulting in injuries. If it is charged as a felony, the penalties can be even steeper. The defendant can serve time in state prison and end up paying fines as high as $10,000.

Even if the complainant gives you permission to contact him or her, or claims the order was dropped, do not take that person’s word for it. He or she does not have the authority to remove the no contact order. You must see proof for yourself before initiating any form of contact or communication.

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