Benefits of Hiring a DUI Attorney

While many people choose to represent themselves to save money, more often than not the suspect will end up paying even more money in fines and spending more time in jail. The prosecutor will have a huge advantage and can easily seek the maximum penalties without challenge. Individuals charged or accused of driving under the influence (DUI) should never face these charges in court without an experienced and skilled RI DUI lawyer.

The following are the benefits of obtaining legal representation from a DUI lawyer:

  • A DUI defense lawyer can reach a plea deal with less jail time. If the suspect is involved in a DUI accident that resulted in injuring another person, an attorney can seek fewer fees paid to the victim or fewer fines paid to the state.
  • A DUI defense lawyer can question the techniques used by law enforcement upon arrest. If any mistakes are present, an attorney can have the charges dropped altogether.
  • Any discussion with the attorney is confidential and is protected under the lawyer/client privilege.
  • Clients are allowed to contact their attorney at any time of the day.
  • An attorney can help a DUI suspect get their DUI charge expunged.

At The Law Office of Thomas C. Thomasian, Esq., Attorney Thomasian has helped countless clients obtain the most favorable outcome possible in their DUI cases. He can investigate your arrest, gather crucial evidence, and determine if police officers used proper arresting protocols to develop an effective defense strategy for you.

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