Posting Bail in Rhode Island

After getting arrested in Rhode Island, a judge will determine whether you will be released from custody to wait for your trial or kept in jail until your court date. Being released from custody may involve posting bail to ensure you will attend all scheduled court dates in the future and not be a danger to the community.

When it comes to misdemeanor offenses, bail is often in the form of “personal recognizance,” which means getting released without posting any money with the court. The defendant simply promises to appear in all future court dates. Missing a court date can lead to separate criminal charges and being held in custody until trial.

If an individual faces felony charges, is a repeat offender, or has a history for failing to attend court hearings, a judge could set bail with “surety,” meaning the defendant must pay 10 percent of the bail amount or post property that is valued at the full bail amount. Defendants often seek assistance from bail bond companies to post the 10 percent for a fee. If a defendant attends all court hearings, they will receive the money back at the end of the proceedings.

If a person has been charged with a capital offense that can potentially lead to a life sentence, he/she could be held in custody without bail until trial. Common capital offenses include murder, rape, robbery, burglary, and arson.

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