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Not Guilty Verdict Reached in Alleged Prostitution Case

Attorney Tom Thomasian recently defended a former Foxy Lady dancer charged with prostitution. After a 1-hour trial, the judge found her not guilty.

Our client, along with 2 other dancers, was arrested in December of 2018 after an undercover police operation at the strip club where she worked. Officer Sean Lafferty testified that the client offered him anything he wanted for $300. When he told her he didn’t have that much money, he alleged that she offered him a nude lap dance for $160.

During the case, City Solicitor Jillian Barker and Judge Melissa DuBose debated the client’s use of the word anything. Barker argued that “anything” was an offer of sex in exchange for money, which is illegal under Rhode Island law. She said that if a nude lap dance was $160, for $300, the officer could have gotten more, including a sex-related act.

However, DuBose argued that “anything” did not necessarily mean the client would engage in any type of sexual activity with Lafferty. She said that a number of different activities could fall under that term.

When Thomasian questioned Lafferty, he confirmed that the client did not offer anything more than a lap dance. Thomasian argued that by offering Lafferty a $160 lap dance, she was simply lowering her original price; the officer might not have received anything more than a dance for $300.

The two other dancers pleaded no contest, as they made explicit offers of sex in exchange for money.

Click here to read the full article published in the Providence Journal.

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