What Is Considered Stalking?

The definition of stalking varies from state to state, but in general, stalking involves someone repeatedly pursuing another person who does not want contact with them. Stalkers make threats and harass people to such a degree that it makes the victim fear for their safety. In this blog, we explain a few ways you can be charged with stalking in Rhode Island.

Unwanted Communication

If you send unwanted text messages, e-mails, or letters to someone who has asked you on more than once occasion to stop, your actions can be considered stalking. Harassing phone calls are also considered a form of stalking. Writing messages that contain threats or are intended to intimidate a person can also result in stalking charges.

Physical Appearances

Showing up at the places a person frequently visits or following them around is the more “traditional” form of stalking. Physical appearances that qualify as stalking include:

  • Repeatedly driving by a person’s home
  • Showing up at a person’s home
  • Violating a protective court order

Causing damage to a person’s home or property to incite fear can also result in criminal charges for stalking.

Threats & Assaults

Threatening to physically or sexually assault another person can be considered a form of stalking, as well as making threats to a person’s family, friends, and co-workers.


Using a hidden camera or GPS to track a person’s whereabouts is a form of stalking. Monitoring someone’s phone calls or computer use without their consent can also be considered stalking.

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Rhode Island

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