When Does Domestic Violence Become a Felony in RI?

  • Incarceration periods lasting longer than 1 year in a state prison
  • Mandatory rehabilitation classes
  • Probation

Additionally, beyond the legal penalties of such a conviction, you will likely feel the effects of it in various other aspects of your life such as:

  • The loss of gun ownership privileges (applicable to those who have a restraining order issued against them)
  • The loss of custody or visitation rights
  • Difficulty securing a job or housing

However, most domestic violence charges are usually considered misdemeanors, which typically involve assault or battery, verbal abuse, or fighting between two adults. Misdemeanor convictions for this crime can result in smaller fines and a possible jail sentence up to a year. This crime can be elevated to a felony charge if it is a third conviction in most cases.

Rhode Island Domestic Violence Attorney

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