Can I be arrested for DUI for taking prescription medication?

Rhode Island is one of several states with per se laws with regard to driving under the influence of prescription medication. Operating a motor vehicle with any detectable amount of prescription drugs in your system can get you arrested.

Many types of prescription drugs can have a sedative effect rending you unable to react quickly and increasing your chances of causing an accident. Whether the drug in your system is legal or not, law enforcement is usually more concerned with how your driving is affected.

Although a breathalyzer cannot be used to determine if you are “intoxicated” enough to warrant arrest, state law provides for officers to detain anyone they suspect was under the influence of some substance.

You need to discuss possible reactions and any side effects of prescribed medication with your doctor and try not to drive until you know what sort of reaction to expect from taking the medication. Speak with a highly-qualified Rhode Island DUI attorney right away if you happen to be arrested for DUI while on prescription medication.

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